Electronic Kitchen Scale LCD Display Digital Weight Measuring Spoon Digital Spoon Scale Mini Kitchen Accessories Tools

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“Experience accuracy in your cooking with our Electronic Kitchen Scale – LCD Display Digital Weight Measuring Spoon. Measure ingredients with precision. Embrace the art of precise cooking! 🥄🔢”


Guaranteed for craftsmanship and quality, durable enough for your daily using

Fit for your kitchen and daily diet designing

Beautiful appearance, special surface treatment

Wide LCD screen display, easy to read

Automatically locks the reading when data is stable

Low power consumption, Low battery indicator???tare function

The scale will automatically switched off when it is in non-use condition in order to save power

Digital spoon scale with LCD display

Powerful battery operation with low energy consumption

Ideal tool to weigh butter, flour, cream, tea or spices during cooking or baking

Balance adjustment function ensures your precise measurement

Hold function to freeze the readings on the LCD

Powers off automatically after 2 minutes


Condition: 100% Brand New

Minimum Weight: 0

Units: G/OZ

Maximum Weight: 500g/0.1g,

Accuracy Resolution: 0.1g,0.01oz

Material: ABS Plastic

Main Color: White

Display: LCD

Scale Size: 228 x 55 x 23mm

“Achieve culinary perfection with our Electronic Kitchen Scale featuring LCD display and Digital Measuring Spoon. Accurately measure ingredients for exquisite dishes. Embrace precision in your cooking! 🍳🎛️”

Weight 0.06 g
Dimensions 190 × 140 × 50 cm

Blue, Pink, White, Yellow

14 reviews for Electronic Kitchen Scale LCD Display Digital Weight Measuring Spoon Digital Spoon Scale Mini Kitchen Accessories Tools

  1. Cristina BarraganCristina Barragan

    This measuring spoon is a good multitasker in your kitchen. The spoon is large enough to hold up to 1 ounce of milk. That is the great thing, it can hold seasonings and liquids. We make a lot of loose leaf tea and it is great to be able to measure a larger amount exactly to a tenth ounce. I also like the exact amount for baking. I am not much of a baker and when I do bake I am intimidated by the measurements and this spoon works great. We are also that family that is always looking for those measuring spoons that come with your children’s medicine. This spoon will take the place of that annoying spoon that we always have to many of until we need them and then we don’t. It comes with a handy hole for a hook if you want to hang it. My review is based on my experience with this product.

  2. Stephan Rotter

    Convenient = yes.Accuracy = maybe. once you tar the scale and then load it up with ingredient, one can see the scale change dependent upon how level one holds the spoon.

  3. Shanon Sheets

    It is ok. Nothing special to write home about.

  4. Nancy Foster

    Exactly as described.

  5. reese pinon

    It is accurate because I tested it with a 10 gram weight. Nice and useful. Just zero out while its on the counter and start scooping away. Only negative I can think of is the battery cover in the back has a tiny screw that needs to be removed before you can insert the triple a battery it uses.

  6. Nicole Sloter

    Works pretty well, has several settings, which is nice. Haven’t used it a lot but I’ve had it for a couple months so far and it’s still working. A little larger than I initially expected.

  7. Kim

    So easy to use ,comes with battery too ! Perfect gift idea for a foodie

  8. Kaliandra Turner

    This is really accurate and does exactly what you need a well worth purchase, good quality scale. Will never buy big bulky scales again.

  9. daydreamer_az

    The product is good as described and easy to use.

  10. Kenneth P. Liu

    Like,use for cooking.

  11. Heather

    easy to use and useful sized cups make weighing foods so much easier

  12. CBCB

    It super send as exactly that show i love it

  13. Kimberly RodriguezKimberly Rodriguez

    This Measuring Spoon is really a fantastic tool to have in the kitchen. I’m sure for measuring spices and powders to cook with it would be great but I use it to measure my babies formula. I have to make 1oz bottles at times and almost every formula only provides a scoop that measures out for 2 ounces. So with this measuring spoon I was able to measure the amount of formula needed to make two ounces then divide that in half and I can now make just one ounce of formula at a time. It works very well at giving you a quick and is accurate reading which is great because I need my measurements quickly when making a crying baby a bottle! The screen is very clear and can be read easily with no problems. It also comes with the battery that you need to operate it with which was nice. It displays in grams and ounces then it has two other weights I’m not familiar with gn and ct. To turn on you press the power button that also is the tear button when pressed once then scoop what you need into the spoon and it weighs it. You can also change the weight by pressing the mode button and if you get the weight you need and want it to still display on that particular weight on the screen you have a hold button the locks the numbers on the screen. It seems well made of good quality materials I think if properly cared for it will last for a long amount of time. I am very happy with this digital spoon scale I had been looking for such an item for a while and was very happy to have found this. I haven’t had any issues with it so far it is exactly what I was expecting and is very accurately described in the provided description and photos.I was provided this product free for my honest review.

  14. Eric Desaulniers

    This is my new baking tool. This is great for baking and other things because it’s so easy to measure and it’s great. I recommend this in all kitchens.

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