Curling Iron USB Wireless Multifunctional Charging Curler

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“Experience the convenience of our USB Wireless Multifunctional Charging Curler. Create stunning curls anytime, anywhere. Embrace the beauty of hassle-free styling! 🔌🌀”

1, 6-speed temperature adjustment, 6-level time setting, according to the hair quality, you can press the button to turn on the temperature setting and curling time

2. Use usb to charge, can be used wirelessly, intelligent voice prompt

3. Perm temperature: 150/160/170/180/200 150~200 (Fahrenheit degrees Celsius can be changed)

4. Perm time: 8s/10s/12/16s/18s 8~18s

5. Charge and battery life: charge for 2-3 hours, use about 1 hour

6. Battery: 5000ma, 3.4w




Battery capacity: 2500mah

Battery voltage: 3.7V

Battery watt-hour: 9.25Wh

Lithium content: 0.75 g.

Battery type: Li-ion rechargeable battery

Battery weight: 45g

Battery unit: only.

Battery Composition: Nickel Cobalt Manganese


Package Content:

Hardcover neutral color box/gift box, black flannel storage bag*1, usb data cable*1, hairpin*1, comb*1


Weight 0.66 g
Dimensions 220 × 80 × 60 cm

Golden, Grey, Grey1, Purple digital screen, White1

23 reviews for Curling Iron USB Wireless Multifunctional Charging Curler

  1. Melanie

    the battery does run good 1  charged enough.(charge for 3 hour) it will last like 1 hour I guess. It’s super easy to use tho. I don’t regret buying:))

  2. Gina

    I have naturally currie hair but wanted more refined and spiral curls. This product works great. You do need to add hairspray after so they maintain their shape

  3. jay

    I love the way my hair turned out with us. I’ve received tons of compliments on how my hair has turned would recommend.

  4. Shakia Pleasant

    My new favorite hair tool ,, it has great temperature and nice size crimps a lot of the hair per section so your done pretty quickly …. I love the wavy look it gives

  5. ¤♤♡◇♧□○°

    Very easy to use and works with any hair curlers. It’s very lightweight and small enough to take anywhere with you. Amazing price and makes beautiful curls. A must have if you don’t naturally have curly hair

  6. Meg

    This curling iron is wonderful, so easy to use. Especially on the little ones. The curling barrel is on the inside so little hands can’t reach up and burn themselves. I’m very happy with it.

  7. lupe

    I am in love with this I had to buy too because my mom loves how it worked to I got her one and, it’s so easy to use and travels with no problem, I can take this anywhere.

  8. Tabitha

    Tried on all 4 of my girls hair and it worked great!

  9. Tammy Robinson

    Love the way this works on short hair and long

  10. Anonymous

    I’ve a sturdy straight hair and traditional curlers never worked on mine. But this is a game changer, I’ll post a video soon with this provided you all want to see one.

  11. Dan and Mari Dowling

    I like this automatic curler alot. With my long hair I wish the charge would last longer. Produces great curls.

  12. Sunrise Circle

    I love this style curling iron. If you follow directions to the T it works like magic…(takes some practice) hubby and I are taking a two week vacation and I needed a compact and portable version like my conair, after searching very hard for it I stumbled across this one.. and decided to give it a shot .. I am extremely impressed with it.. for a battery operated curling iron it’s pretty powerful, it’s easy on my hair.. and gives me beautiful tight curls every single time .. definitely worth the price! Happy customer

  13. bria w.bria w.

    Once you get the hang of it, it’s totally worth it. I love this curling iron. Takes so much less time till curl my hair then before. And the curls last so long!

  14. Charity Bladen

    I love this ! Fast and easy 👌! However the battery is super! I wish I buy this earlier

  15. Joyce McCoy

    I love this thing. When you have to wash your hair to get the curls out, you know you have a great product! I’ll never be without one.

  16. Eme Jones

    Curls great and the battery lasts the 45 minutes it takes to do mine and my kids hair before needing charged again.

  17. Tom

    Cordless curling iron I got this for my daughter because she likes to curl her hair all the time but doesn’t like to use a regular curling iron she said this one works a lot better and gives her all the curls that she wants this is very easy to use very lightweight excellent battery life and she likes that it’s cordless so she does not have to worry about getting a cord wrapped around her head

  18. natalia

    es cierto que la bateria le dura muy poco pero el producto hace su funcion. fue buena compra

  19. Ana H O

    Muy útil y fácil de usar. Excelente!

  20. TifNKaden

    Easy for my 13 ur old daughter to use. You can only use it for 40 min for every 2hr charge.

  21. Teri White

    The battery work good , i charge 1 hour and it work 20 min around

  22. Jessica

    Product is amazing!! Works perfect!!!

  23. Marley Barnett

    Love this hair curler!! Just a little bit of false advertisement, because it says the battery last up to an hour , and I fully charge it and in about 50 min it’s  down .. Other than that it’s awesome and easy!!

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