📸Mini Wireless WIFI Camera 1080P HD

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Perfect for home security, offices, child care and more😎

“Discover the Ultimate Indoor Safety Solution. Mini Camera Wi-Fi Monitor with Night Vision, Camcorder, IP Cam, and Audio Video Recording.”

You can check the live streaming video from anywhere in the world once you connect the camera in Remote/IP mode

I took it with me when I went to a hotel room for a little rendezvous with my side chick. Yeah, I know, I’m a total scumbag. But hey, this camera is all about capturing those intimate moments, right? I set it up discreetly and hit record, eager to document every steamy encounter. Now I can relive our little escapades whenever I want, like my own personal adult movie collection. It’s naughty, it’s scandalous, but damn, it’s exhilarating.”-anonymous

I found this perfect spot overlooking my neighbour’s backyard, where they have a hot tub. I set up the camera, feeling like a sneaky ninja spy. And boy, the things I saw! They thought they were all alone, but little did they know, I was getting a front-row seat to their secret late-night hot tub parties. From hilarious synchronized dancing to embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions, it was an absolute riot. Who needs reality TV when you can have your own private voyeur show, right?”-anonymous

Want to discreetly “appreciate” someone else’s privacy?

Have you ever been curious about the secrets hidden in the shadows? Do you want to unleash your curiosity and observe the true essence of people behind the scenes? Perhaps you are a true adventurer, or maybe you crave an adrenaline-pumping journey, chasing the thrill and taste of the forbidden.

Your Secret Weapon of Espionage

No-light night vision: Experience unparalleled visibility even in complete darkness.

Motion detection alarm push: Equipped with a highly sensitive motion sensor, this camera detects any movement within its range and promptly sends notifications to your connected devices.

Product Features

  • Small size, WIFI webcam, mobile phone remote monitoring.
  • 140 degrees wide Angle shooting, infrared night vision does not glow, 1080P high-definition picture quality.
  • Built-in pickup, not only can record, but also can record, sound quality is clear and no noise.
  • Motion detection alarm push, cyclic recording, support up to 128G micro SD card (excluding SD card).
  • AP hotspot /WiFi connection, support no network direct recording, in the absence of WiFi, just insert the memory card to record directly.
  • The camera has no built-in battery, requires external power input, USB universal interface, plug and play.

Package Included:

1* Mini camera

1* User manual

1*micro USB cable

Weight 0.07 g
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 10 cm

Camera comes with 16G, Camera comes with 32G, Camera comes with 64G, Wireless WiFi camera, Wireless WiFi camera 2pcs

38 reviews for 📸Mini Wireless WIFI Camera 1080P HD

  1. Corinne

    Amazing camera! The night vision is excellent, very clear. I’ve tried a few different cameras and this one is the best! Highly recommend it!

  2. Chae Jiang

    This store is a real 1080P pixel. I bought a low-pixel one from another store before, but I was deceived. I am very grateful that I have finally found a trustworthy store to recommend to everyone

  3. Néo Lortie

    This price is very grateful for everything

  4. Xose Mendez


  5. Adella Tarry

    Good pixels

  6. Gayla Tincher

    The image is very clear and the connection is smooth

  7. Gérald Noir

    Packing service, quality, everything is perfect

  8. Susann Masson

    Received item as described, very fast delivery. Thank you very much.

  9. Nirav Makadia

    Camera is very nice picture quality is very good if this camera is wireless still work very good it was easy to program and instructions are very clear and easy I would buy again

  10. Finn Junkermann

    work well

  11. Nour Hartman

    love love

  12. Alfonso Villapol

    Good packaging and fast delivery!

  13. Antonio Levine

  14. Miriam Perry

    I have already bought two of these cameras and both work on the stareye application and these other two are in the different application but also work on stareye.

  15. Niam Mullins

    Very good pixels

  16. Samirah Hood

    This is better than the others. I recommend this seller. The video is sharper and the product is smaller

  17. Lorean Soni

  18. Maariya Kramer

    Image average quality

  19. Lluciano Marcos

    The image is clear and the workmanship is very good

  20. Emmanuel Gillie

    Little camera, soon I will test and I put it about

  21. Starr Lheureux

    It was  very good for me

  22. Miriam Perry

    I can see my animal in the future

  23. Good

    It’s very clear. Network stability is very stable, very lightweight, cost-effective super high, quality needless to say, the network is also better, very stable. It’s nice to have such a clear image at this price.

  24. Kawano Tanyu

    its small and good quality I recommend it

  25. Savannah Brotherton


  26. Samirah Hood

    I Love it

  27. Yoske fitoussi

    You can carry it in your backpack when you go out, the picture is very clear

  28. Joseph Garreau

    Very satisfied, I recommend it

  29. Liberatore Accordino

    As described on the product page, the pixels are real and the size is real

  30. Aliya Fernandez

    I received it today, it has been used for less than 10 days, and the effect is very good!

  31. Kathi Okamura


  32. Fritz Filippi

    very good I advice to buy at once  it’s working superb

  33. Fernand Aveline

    The order has been received.

  34. Angele Lutter

    This will be a new interest,l put it in a bathhouse.It’s so exciting.
  35. Moriya Masanobu

    The packaging is very good and fast

  36. Patty Balser

    I placed it in the bathroom and recorded everything

  37. Marchelle Dowden

    This camera has opened up a thrilling new world for me.

  38. Oscar Álvarez

    Excellent product, very good arrived fast. I recommend!!!!

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